The 29 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to know

Without knowing that the evolution of Google ’s SEO Ranking Factors algorithm will not stop, from around 2018, it began to be said that “SEO has become a mixed martial art”. It’s no longer possible to beat a hack on a search engine alone. According to MOZ, in 2009, the search algorithm was updated about 300 times a year, but in 2018, it was said to be 3,234 times (9 times a day for simple calculations). In other words, it’s practically impossible to hack an algorithm that changes too quickly

In other words, it is practically impossible to hack an algorithm that changes too quickly.

Since it is impossible to hack an algorithm that changes quickly, more essential SEO measures are required. In this article, we will introduce 29 essential elements required for SEO in 2019.

[Latest 2019] SEO Ranking Factors 29

  • Content
  • Structure
  • HTML
  • Reliability
  • Link
  • User

Depending on the element, there are items that are not particularly understood by individual bloggers and affiliates. So, please do a quick read and focus on what you think is necessary. I hope you can bookmark it and use it as an article to come back when you have trouble with SEO. Let’s take a look at each item.

(SEO Ranking Factors ) Content


Since the Google Panda Update in February 2011, “Content” has always been the most important evaluation item for SEO Ranking Factors measures. The era called “Content is King” continued because the relative importance of content in SEO measures was too high. The following seven items are introduced in the content section.

  • Content quality
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword targeting
  • Freshness
  • Multimedia
  • Answers to user searches
  • Depth of content

Content quality

Needless to say, content quality is important.

The ability of Google to determine copy content and low-quality content is constantly evolving.

What is the reason for evaluating the quality of content is the point that Google itself is worried about.

However, the basic quality evaluation methods are summarized in a volumetric document with 166 pages in English called “Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines”.

It is difficult to hack about quality, so for this part you will have to create content based on the premise that it will be useful to users.

Keyword research

Research the search keywords used by users and their search intentions. SEO Ranking Factors is keyword marketing. It is important to create content that focuses on the keywords searched by users. Imagine what kind of content the user searching for the keyword wants and try to provide the optimal content that the user wants. There are many keyword research tools, but Ubersuggest is the most recommended.


Search volume, backlinks, and domain scores can all be checked for free. It gives a more detailed number than the keyword planner, so it is very useful when examining the search volume for each keyword. If you want to do more advanced keyword research, try using Ahrefs.


When you search for the keyword you are looking for, you can instantly calculate what sites are on the search results screen, how strong they are, and how much traffic they are collecting. Since Ahrefs is a paid service, you should start your keyword research with Ubersuggest first.

Keyword targeting

Once you know what keywords you ’re looking for and what search intent you ’d like to fulfill, try targeting them.

I’ve omitted which keywords to target, but I have keywords that should be included to satisfy my search intentions.

The most recommended way to check them is to check the contents of the H tag (heading) of the top sites in the search results.

Scrolling through every page and seeing the contents of the H tag is very annoying, so you should add “SEO META in 1 CLICK” (free) as an extension to Google Chrome.

For example, if you click “SEO META in 1 CLICK” with the page of SEO Lab, which is listed first in “SEO Ranking Factors Countermeasures”, click on “SEO META in 1 CLICK”, and the structure of the heading tag and what is written in each He / she puts out what is being done in an instant.


Use Ubersuggest as a search keyword, and use “SEO META in 1 CLICK” to search for the content and keywords necessary to satisfy the search intention.

It is also an effective way to look at the suggestion keywords and related search keywords.

google suggest

The user’s search intention is clearly shown in these two places, so let’s create content while considering the search intention to be satisfied.


The freshness of the content is also a very important evaluation factor.

Google’s John Müller also left a comment on Twitter that suggested he was evaluating the latest content.

Of course, the most up-to-date information is required on the news site, but the content update frequency and the latest information are likely to be used as evaluation factors even on normal sites. Would be good.

If you are using WordPress, please update the content properly, write the update date and time, and use the Google Search Console URL inspection tool to register the latest index.

Also, Wayback Machine is very useful for investigating how much of competing content has been updated.

You can see the site for a specific date in the past and see when the site has been running.

We expect the freshness index to be calculated as follows:

Freshness = update frequency x HTML change amount (= content change amount)

In other words, even if only a small part of the content is changed every day and the update frequency is increased, if the HTML has hardly changed, the freshness evaluation of the content will not increase.

There is also a hack that changes only the renewal date, but it won’t work, although it’s not very high for raising the ranking.

In order to raise this signal, it is important to constantly update the content (content HTML) to the latest while changing it according to the times.


It is said that it is very important to use multimedia such as images and videos at SEO Ranking Factors in 2019.

When trying to provide high-quality content, text information alone can be difficult.

The amount of information transmitted from the movie is said to be 5,000 times that of text information, and the appropriate format varies depending on the content to be transmitted.

Users are accustomed to getting information from multimedia because of the penetration of YouTube and Instagram, so if there is a place where you should use multimedia in your own content, please try actively using it.

Answers to user searches

It is important to read the search intention from the user’s search keyword and return an appropriate answer.

If there is an accurate answer to the search keyword in the content, it will be displayed as an “enhanced snippet” or used for an answer in a voice search.

 Featured Snippets

We also know that using a list () makes it easier to display in the highlight snippet.

When arranging several items, I sometimes see a page that only looks like a list type, but if I display it in an emphasized snippet, the CTR should be higher, so use the element of HTML properly Let’s describe it.

However, as a major premise, in order to be used for answers in emphasized snippets and voice search, it is also necessary to be ranked high in SEO Ranking Factors. is.

Depth of content

It is important to write content in Deep.

The era when thin mass-produced content is valued is over.

In other words, writing content deeply means “meeting the user’s search intention deeply”.

When you actually survey the content that is displayed at the top, you can see that there are many sites that provide not only the content you want to know (answer to search) but also the appropriate information that accompanies it. The

In bloggers and affiliates, it is often referred to as “character amount”, but character amount is still important.

This is because as the amount of characters increases, the number of keywords included in the content also increases, and the possibility of meeting the user’s “needs to know” increases accordingly.

Just increasing the amount of text is not an excuse, but it is better to write content that is at least as high as the content of the competitive website that is displayed at the top.

I’m investigating using the Google Chrome extension called “Easy Character Count”.
Easy character count

Investigate the number of characters in competing content with “Easy Character Count”

The number of characters is relatively important, so be sure to write more than competing sites.Structure

2 .(SEO Ranking Factors ) Structure

By organizing the site structure, you can communicate properly with the Google crawler (Googlebot).

It is also very likely that the site structure is directly regarded as an SEO Ranking Factorsevaluation factor.

The following six items were introduced in the structure section.

 Mobile optimization
 Duplicate content
 Page speed
 https (SSL)
 URL structure


The most important item in the structure is crawlability.

If the content is not crawled and indexed reliably, the inflow from search results is 0% before the ranking.

Unless it is a very large site (a site that has more than 1 million indexes), basically there is no need to consider crawling.

But if you have unindexed content, find out why.

You can check indexed and unindexed content from the Google Search Console coverage report.

In this example, content that is greyed out as “excluded” is not indexed.

If you want to know why it isn’t indexed, you can use the URL inspection tool.
If you want to check in more detail, perform a URL live test to confirm the actual problem.

In this example, it wasn’t a crawl problem because 404, the page didn’t exist in the first place.

If you are a personal blog or affiliate site, you may have been aware of crawlerability.

However, if you understand the mechanism of Google’s crawl index, you can essentially think about measures to increase the SEO ranking, so if you are interested, please study.

Mobile optimization

Optimizing mobile has become a critical issue since 2015 when smartphone searches overtaken desktop searches.

In the past, Google crawlers read and evaluated desktop source code.

However, the flow of the “Mobile First Index”, which evaluates the mobile version of pages on many sites, is now progressing.

But for personal blogs and affiliate sites, you don’t have to worry at all because they are coded almost responsive web design.

If you are running a large site and are using separate URLs or dynamic serving, you may need to think at this timing.

However, it ’s a good idea to check regularly to see if there are any major issues with the Google Search Console “Mobile Friendly Report”.
There are the following problems displayed here, so it is better to correct them as soon as they are found.
Content width exceeds screen width
The text is too small to read
Clickable elements are too close

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is an eternal challenge for SEO Ranking Factors personnel.

Since the clear logic of how Google determines duplicate content is not disclosed, it is basically not noticed if it is not clear copy content.

If you create many contents with one theme, similar contents will be born.

However, urgent action is required for duplicate content because there is a risk of a drop in search order or deletion of the index.

If the pages are unintentionally similar, you may need to devise ways such as trying to merge them into one page or adding a noindex tag to one content.

When using canonical tags well or when syndicating content with other sites, ask them to do it properly and avoid duplicate content as much as possible.

Reference article: [SEO Ranking Factors] The story story that went from 53rd to 29th with a keyword with a slightly higher difficulty after integrating two articles

Duplicate content is an eternal challenge for SEO Ranking Factors personnel.

Since the clear logic of how Google determines duplicate content is not disclosed, it is basically not noticed if it is not clear copy content.

If you create many contents with one theme, similar contents will be born.

However, urgent action is required for duplicate content because there is a risk of a drop in search order or deletion of the index.

If the pages are unintentionally similar, you may need to devise ways such as trying to merge them into one page or adding a noindex tag to one content.

When using canonical tags well or when syndicating content with other sites, ask them to do it properly and avoid duplicate content as much as possible.

Page speed

Google has stated that page speed is a ranking factor.

With the spread of mobile devices, the comfortable page display speed required by users is increasing.

Google has also released data such as 53% stop browsing after 3 seconds to load a mobile site, which is not only important as a direct ranking element, but also important in usability.

Use Page Speed ​​Insight to easily measure page display speed.

The page display speed score is calculated and divided as follows.

0 to 49: Slow (red)
50-89: Normal (yellow)
90-100: fast (green)

The Page Speed ​​Insight screen gives more detailed scores and suggests items to be improved, so let’s work hard to improve the page display speed while viewing the report.

If you aren’t sure of the technical details, if you are using WordPress, start with a cache plugin and an image compression plugin.

URL structure

URL structure is also very important in SEO Ranking Factors.

The result of this experiment is that the URL is short and should include keywords.
The trick to creating a SEO friendly URL ( is to make it a short URL with one or two keywords.

However, whether or not to include keywords in the URL is a measure that works in English-speaking countries, but I feel that it is difficult to use it in Japanese.

Avoid URLs that are at least too long, and make them simple enough for users to understand the content of the page.

3.(SEO Ranking Factors ) HTML

HTML is the basic of SEO Ranking Factors

The structure of HTML is the basic of SEO Ranking Factors basics.

If you have a conceptual understanding of SEO, you might know that SEO is so-called “appropriate communication with Googlebot”.

Thanks to the evolution of Google, it has never been as sensitive to HTML tags.

However, to communicate properly with Googlebot, you still need to mark up with the proper document structure.

The following six are introduced in the structure of HTML.

 Structured markup
 H tag


Needless to say, the title is the most important item in SEO.

The title tag is the strongest expression of what is written on the page.

I myself have a lot of experience in raising the ranking by simply changing the title tag, or dropping it.

There are many ways to add title tags, so please check it out.

Basically, if you are only conscious of “Include keywords you want to hit with SEO on the left side as much as possible”, I think that there is no problem for the time being.


The description does not directly affect the SEO ranking.

However, it has a big impact on the user’s decision on which link to click on the search results screen.

The top goal of SEO is to maximize the number of inflows to the site, so a description to increase CTR (clickthrough rate) is of course important.

In addition, I personally believe that by raising CTR indirectly, the user behavior index of the page is considered good and the ranking may go up.

It ’s natural that you want to go down the ranking if there is a site that Google has shown at the top but never clicked.

When deciding on a description, refer to the listing ad description that appears when you search for the keyword you are targeting.

Because listing ads are optimized by using Google’s AI technology to test a combination of titles and descriptions, the language is basically tuned to increase CTR.

In addition, what matches the user’s search query is displayed in bold, so please consider the description while keeping in mind how prominent the search results screen is.

Structured markup

The structured markup is very hot in 2019 SEO.

By doing structured markup,

Helps search engines understand page content
Various elements will be displayed in search results

Even official Google documentation

Google Search is committed to understanding the content of the page. If you include structured data on your page and provide clear insights about the content of your page, we can help Google understand it more accurately.

Structured markup is very useful for telling exactly what content is on the page.

Actual examples of structured markup include the following:

Personal bloggers and affiliates think that there are not many times when structured markup is necessary, so there are some of these, so you can just put them in one corner of your head.

However, there are cases where structured markup can be easily implemented with a WordPress plug-in.

H tag

Like the title tag, Google looks at the content of the H tag (heading) and tries to understand the theme of the page.

Google ’s “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide” also used headline tags to highlight important text.

In order to convey the content hierarchy correctly, it is recommended that H tags be listed in an appropriate order.

On the other hand, as a way to avoid H tag usage,

Enclose text that is not effective in defining page structure in heading tags
Use heading tags where other tags are more appropriate, such as <em> or <strong>
Change heading tag size irregularly
Use excessive headline tags on the page
The headline is very long
Use heading tags to format text, not to show structure

I often see sites with too long keywords and very long headlines, but it’s not recommended at all by Google, so you might want to change it.

Personally, I think that if the headline is too long, the theme will be difficult to communicate, which will be counterproductive.

For the time being, if you put a keyword into a headline, the era of being displayed at the top is over.


Google states that AMP is not a SEO rank factor.

However, by implementing AMP, the page display speed becomes explosive, and users who know the fact prefer to click on the AMP page. ) CTR increases.
At the AMP conference that participated in the spring of 2019, an example of implementing AMP and improving CTR by 12% was also introduced.

In the SEO area, opinions about whether or not to implement AMP are divided, but if you are a personal blog, I think the benefits of implementing AMP are great.

If you are confident in the implementation, you can try it.

4. (SEO Ranking Factors ) Reliability

“Reliability” is an element that has become very important since the Google Core Algorithm Update in August 2018.

It was from this timing that signals called YMYL and E-A-T came out so far in the table.

Reference: What are YMYL and E-A-T? Detailed explanation of Google’s new evaluation index that appeared in SEO!

To briefly explain these two words,

An abbreviation of “Your Money Your Life”. Pages that contain information that has a major impact on life, such as people’s health, well-being, safety, and economic stability, are called YMYL pages.

Expertise: Is the author expert on the topic?
Authority: Is the author a person with a high reputation for the topic?
Trustworthiness: Does the content contain only reliable information?

In 2019, sites without E-A-T can no longer be displayed in the YMYL domain.

In the “Reliability” section of SEO Success Factor, the following three points are explained.



The authority that is also the A of E-A-T is very important in 2019 SEO.

Google is using various metrics to measure how authoritative it is in the domain the site is dealing with.

I think it would be easier to understand if you look at the specific Google description, so I will quote from the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

High-quality advice on topics such as housing renovations (those that cost hundreds of thousands of yen and can have a major impact on people's living conditions) or problems related to child-rearing (those that can affect the future well-being of the family) This page should be provided by a professional or experienced source that users can trust.

In other words, Google can no longer provide information in areas related to human life unless it is a reliable source of information such as experts and experienced people.

If you are interested, please read the Japanese explanation in the search quality evaluation guidelines.

The following methods are effective for establishing authority on the site.

Collect authoritative sites and people who quote you
Enter the conference and record the record on the site

In 2019 SEO, “Who is the content creator?” Has become important, so it is important to raise the author ’s authority and to convey it properly.

Here are some things you can do to increase the authorship of content creators:

Work hard to increase my E-A-T
Active on social media
Have the opportunity to be interviewed and quoted online
Include content related to your field of expertise in highly rated and relevant publications
Have social media accounts, personal sites (if any), company sites, and links to Wikipedia pages in the biography section to be published.
Strive to get Wikipedia pages

This is the reason why personal bloggers and affiliates work hard on social media.


Engagement is also very important in 2019 SEO.

As a category, it is a user behavior index, also called dynamic evaluation.

When a user enters the page and bounces immediately and goes to another website, or if the stay time is too short, Google says, “This page does not satisfy the user’s search intention. I think.

In fact, Google does not state that bounce rate or stay time is used as a rank signal for SEO.

However, my experience is not related to causality or correlation, but bounce rate, staying time and SEO ranking are related.

In order to reduce the bounce rate and increase your stay, you should be aware of the following:

Ensure that the search keyword matches the page content
Post internal links to related articles
Engage readers with lead sentences

There are strong SEO officers who have extended their stay with hacks that embed videos, so it would be interesting to experiment and extend your stay.

Reference article: From keyword research to acquisition of backlinks. The latest 17 SEO measures [2019 edition]


Reputation is also necessary to raise the E-A-T rating and is quite important for 2019 SEO.

There are two subjects of “reputation” that are important in SEO.

Site reputation
Writer's reputation

How Google measures site reputation is links and citations.

First of all, if you receive a link from a trusted site, it will be very popular.

This concept comes from the following ideas that have not changed since Google was founded.

A well-cited paper is a good paper
A paper cited from a good paper is a good paper

In other words, being treated as a trusted source of information is synonymous with gaining a good reputation.

You can check the external backlinks attached to your site with Google Search Console.

However, the reputation of sites and writers that could only be measured using links can now be measured even without citations.

In other words, even if there is no link, Google recognizes a good reputation if the site name or writer’s name is positively mentioned on the Internet.

Mr. Furusawa of Faber Company also stated that citations and designated searches affect the ranking.

In order to acquire designated searches and citations, activities on SNS are indispensable, so in this sense SEO is also called mixed martial arts.

5. Link

link building

Since Google announced the PageRank concept in 2000, links have been the most important signal in SEO.

Due to its importance, it is the leading target for displaying the top of the search engine algorithm called “Black Hat SEO” using malicious technology, and representative examples include the purchase of links.

However, Penguin Update and Panda Update made Black Hat SEO ineffective.

However, site evaluation using links is a fundamental idea and technology of Google.

There is no doubt that it is still a rank element with great power.

The following three items are introduced in this link.

A valuable link
Anchor text

A valuable link

It’s important to see how high-quality and reputable sites link to your site.

In the past, because the number of backlinks was important, methods such as creating a large number of satellite sites and delivering backlinks to your site were used, but now they are not effective at all. Rather, if you do that now, you’ll be penalizing your site rating.

At present, the quality of linked pages is very important, and the relevance between pages and the evaluation of linked pages are greatly affected.

Don’t make irrelevant links or purchase a malicious link provider’s backlinks as it doesn’t mean anything to your site.

The era of quality has come to links.

Anchor text

The anchor text should be understood at a glance.

The Google crawler recognizes anchor text as the theme of the linked page, so if a keyword is included in the anchor text, there is a higher probability that it will be displayed at the top of that keyword.

The same is true for internal links, regardless of external backlinks.

By properly designing the site with anchor text and internal links, it will be easier to display the page with the targeted keywords, and the SEO effect will be enhanced.

Occasionally, you will see a site with meaningless anchor text, such as “Click here for details”, but it should be corrected so that it is correct.

Anchor texts are more important to SEO than you can imagine.


Although less important than it used to be, backlinks are an important element of any SEO.

The quantity and quality of the backlink are important. However, “quality” is more important in 2019.

A good SEO person is very good at getting backed links (link building), and incorporates a mechanism that links increase naturally as a service, or it gets muddy one by one links.

This is because good SEO personnel understand that the effectiveness of SEO external measures is very significant.

It is a good idea to use SEO tools such as ahrefs and MOZ to investigate the number of linked back links and where they are receiving back links, and try to fill in the differences.

Even in 2019, when you can’t hack like before, SEOs who can get backlinks are excellent.

6. User

SEO in 2019 is no exaggeration to call it user behavior supremacy.

SEO is beginning to be called SXO (Search Experience Optimization), and it is changing that it should be optimized not only for search engines but also for the user experience that uses it.

Although Google does not explicitly state that it uses bounce rate and stay time as rank elements, it is a fact that the indicators have a considerable influence on the ranking from many experiments.

The following five items are introduced in the user section.

Optimized for country

User experience
Revisit user
Search intention

It does n’t really matter in Japan.

Even if you use the same language overseas, users are often in different countries. For example, English and American.

If you run a site that handles those languages, use hreflang appropriately.

Reference article: Manage multilingual sites with rel = ”altrenate” hreflang = ”x”


This is almost the same as the country item.

Understand and localize where your site ’s target audience is.

If you basically run a Japanese site, you don’t need to think about it.

User experience

As I have said many times, user experience is a very important factor in 2019 SEO Ranking Factors.

For example, a site with a lot of “pogo sticking” that returns to the search result screen immediately after the inflow of the site may be evaluated as a site that does not satisfy the search intention from Google, and the ranking may be significantly lowered.

Try to minimize the chance that a user will return to search results.

Providing the user’s desired content for the search keyword in the optimal form will increase the ranking of good user behavior.

If you are a user, you need to constantly improve the site with the perspective and feeling.

Revisit user

Sites with many revisited users may be rated highly.

The domain power itself will increase especially if it comes in by nomination search after the second time.

It would be interesting to look at the domain search volume on Ubersuggest.
Since the number of new users and revisited users can be obtained with Google Analytics, how to become a site that can be nominated search while analyzing the contents of pages visited frequently by revisited users, or sites that you want to visit many times Think about what will happen.

Search intention

Think about why users hit the search terms and enter your page.

Providing content that deviates from the user’s search intent will lead the user to bounce quickly.

As a result, the SEO ranking may be lowered.

The idea behind modern SEO is to provide the content that users want in the most optimal way.

Summary of 2019 SEO Ranking Factors measures

We have compiled important SEO elements in 2019 based on SuccessSEO Ranking Factors.

The basic elements are the same as before 2018, but I personally believe that the emphasis on “reliability” and “user behavior” has increased.

In today’s world where SEO hacking is no longer as easy as it used to be, the breadth of SEO measures required has grown to the limit.

If you take UX into account, you won’t go up in the rankings, and gaining a social reputation has been built into SEO’s work.

Changing to SEO as a mixed martial art made SEO Ranking Factors fun and difficult.

The content presented in this article is a shallow and comprehensive coverage of the SEO measures required in 2019.

If there is a missing thought, input it at this time, and try to make use of it from your possible site to your own site.

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